Minutes of 23 March Meeting

President Bill Bradley called the meeting to order at 1933 hrs by first declaring the colors to be in place.  He next called for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.  The Bible was attended and the opening prayer was given by Bob Simmons.  Bill Stone made the Pronouncemnet.  Hank Riebel recited the Purposes of National Sojourners, Inc.

Introductions:  M:.W:. PGM Bob Shipe, GM 2001 and his Lady Betty, and Bill Stone, PCP, Masonic MOH 2009.  Special guest was M:.W:. GM Glenn E. Almy and his Lady Sue.  Table introductions of members and BOL guests were made by each table representative.

Minutes of the 23 February 2011 meeting were approved, as was the Treasurers’ Report.  An application was received from COL (R) Johnnie Lee Trivette as an MIP.  His application was voted on and accepted.  His initiation will be held during the ROTC meeting in April.

The President called for reports from the Vice Presidents.  1st VP Ken Staten announced a speaker from the Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Oklahoma Museum of History will talk about chuck wagon cooks in April.  2nd VP Frank Clark stated the ROTC awards are on track for Steven Guerrero, 3rd VP.  Volunteers are needed for ROTC award presentations.

Secretary David Laukat read a letter regarding the selling of raffle tickets to raise funds for the 91st National Convention at Richmond, Va.  All ticket stubs and donations are due NLT 27 May 2011.

For the Bridge of Light program, 2nd VP Frank Clark opened by discussing the Americanism, ROTC and BOL programs.  He then introduced M:.W:. GM Glenn E. Almy who spoke about being introduced to National Sojourners, Inc. recently and its programs.  He then spoke about Americanism and our nation.  Bro. Clark then presented BOL certificates to all of the lodge W:.M:. guests.

The initiation of SSgt (TSgt) Kenly Ray Mulenex was performed by Bob Shipe.  The Toast to the Flag was given by Ernie Boehler.  The Creed was lead by Bob Shipe.

The next Hero’s of ’76 bivouac was announced by Commander Bob Hanna to be 15 April at the Del City Lodge.  There will be a Building of the Flag program 3 June at OU for Girls State and 9 June at the Tulsa Shrine.

There being no further business, Bob Simmons attended the Bible and the meeting was closed with prayer at 2030 hrs.  Next meeting will be held 27 April 2011.

David Laukat                                                      William C. Bradley
Secretary                                                           President